Monday, 11 June 2012


by Stormm

Racing up and down cloud-roads fast along the sky-ways,

full on the pedal whistling pass super highways.

El Mike pulls up to the exclusive event in his custom made

solid gold sports hover-craft.

5'10 passenger seat, the beautiful ever changing Rainbow Is In Motion.

Host's and hostess' concierges are waiting as their sliding doors open.

The dynamic duo exit their slick vehicle excited to commence indulging

adventurous festivities,

manifesting the party's promising prospects lying ahead.

On the Estate grounds,

soothingly occasional cool buckets of splashing ocean breeze revitalizes.

In well spaced gardens and groves,

sectionally timed sprinklers squirt liquid blasts of fusion.

Moving spirals of clear tidal waves tilt,

flowing from one end to it's very distant opposite,

sprays down head to toe mists of foamy exhilaration.

Amid nearby rustling leaves, lively kites hover gently overhead,

beside rising colorful bubbles beneath exploding fireworks.

A sensual massage of wafting incense and scented candles disperses

in the air heightening romantic moods.

Beautiful people scantily clad remove the last remnants of their finest linen.

Whilst an almost naked orchestra plays erotic, exotic music.

Among the symphony,

sly instrumentalists are randomly noticed drifting off for intercourse,

in and between assuming their positions.

In another section jamming musicians are improvising,

wild conga and djembe drummers, saxophonists, trumpeters, flutists, gyrate

their athletic bodies, express each's own unique flow.

Gorgeous attractive hedonists everywhere making love,

free to express themselves as anything they may desire to be...

Dining Area downing a tasty glass of red wine,

Stella By Starlight sways-glide-bounces.

Displays her sexy yet sophisticated lilting stride of confidence

and accomplishment.

What was once an idea in her mind has now been made manifest,

by her efforts.

She smiles, thinks of 101 at the instant he's envisioning her.

Of course by now it really quite natural,

but who knew they could achieve this degree of telepathic communication?

They were in the thick of it now, surrounded by dancers,

percussionists, strings, guitars, other revelers.

Amid the salty sea of sweat,

dripping hot naked energized bodies glistening.

Multitudes of tossing hair, rolling shoulders, stretching necks,

nodding heads, swaying hips, arms and hands waving.

Fire jugglers and light show projectors also are getting down,

adding to the magical experience.

Alongside the floats of various Live DJ sets, all night long,

on thru early morning's sweet soulful cascade of deep house music.

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