Wednesday, 15 February 2012


by Stormm

He's flying over land and sea now, beside clouds, in between mountaintops.

The Golden Sword spins above his head, point upright. Steering, it propels

them. Hands at his side standing silent both eyes closed, mudra locked

fingers and illuminated third eye wide open, transported by the weapon.

Pure will, onwards to do battle, onwards off to war...

The first sentinels detect their approach with mutual disbelief, a manchild

with vertical flaming sword over it's head. Both propelled by unseen forces.

Which was the source, man or sword? Must be some new magic, a

forbidden spell never before invoked. But how was this ever possible,

whence forth came the cause?

Friend or foe they chose not to know. Better to flee, than sound the alarm...

Standing tall sword in hand, Davini enters the gargoyles' lair. Alone unafraid,

he knows what must be done best be done quickly. Attack and slay Red

Queen While She Sleeps Deep Below. Strike before her triple heads stir, or

any of their six eyes should half open.

Ancient Ones Rest Fiercely Guarded, instinctively ever alert.

Remain tense, fearful of ambitious underlings...

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