Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I'm Rich Bitch

                                           I'm Rich Bitch
by Stormm

"I'm rich" he half said to himself incredulously, beaming up and down, overflowing

with a bubbly confidence. Posing amid his plush exotic orbital luxury hotel lobby.

Excitedly caught up in the thralls of some recent new developments, soaks it all

up, revelling in the radiant boost of accomplishment.

He's actually pulled of his greatest con yet, the ultimate job, reaping a complete

total success beyond any and all expectations.

Inundated with bitch specialists now, mere sniveling insects who'll at the snap of

crisp fingers immediately scramble, running off to do his bidding. These ants

seem to enjoy wallowing in his presence, become momentarily alive, gain vague

purpose, ooze alertness. Some of the sycophants needing to hang on every word,

synchronize his passage compiling notes, immortalize utterances...

I own it all. Whatever I desire is readily available, now I'm ready for anything!

"Then perhaps I may be of service," prompts a curly redhead biracial woman with

thick lips and hips...

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