Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Supper's Ready

                                             Supper's Ready
by Stormm

It's dinner time, flat deck on a mountain's top. The gargoyle horde testingly flap

their wings, tails wagging in anticipation of the feast below. We savor the hour,

survey our glorious view, licking impatient lips.

Tongues slither out to slide along blood smeared castle tile, trailing scents,

narrow yellow slits glowing with glee. Scaly skin and mighty limbs tremble in


The exhilarating thrill of the kill, a blackened sky thick with legions. As we swoop

down upon defenceless prey with graceful precision. Snatch them up by steely

hooks, yanked away flailing and screaming.

Inside our lair, talons are slashing, the bones pile high. Fresh blood and guts

decorate cavern walls, limbs torn asunder, organs rupture. Scraps ripped to

shreds. Another savage orgy, of fleshly carnage...

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