Wednesday, 15 February 2012


by Stormm

It started long before the gargoyles came. Dream Deceivers, a secret society

of priestly class had became discontent with just hoarding riches. Draining

others' power did not create more energy, so severely they reigned, seeking

perfection. Some wanted control over reality, others over souls. All wanted


As stagnant desolate years crawled by, Salphene forged a new weapon called

The Soulcraft. A weapon from the future, it alone would hold humanity's hope

for survival.

The weapon spoke and told a tale of hope amid despair.

"When angels fell ambitious slaves would tell, of times before the spell and

what was kept so well. Of secrets lost while treasures slept..."

"A Pope was growing old his handlers long foretold, sick from what he'd

known, yet to admit having lost his soul..."

"The Church Starts Endless War In Order For Preservation, fights every nation.

Centralization succumbs in frustration, selfless pop implodes."

By the arms of Orion swore the child, never to rest until Saturn has confessed...

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