Thursday, 9 February 2012

Rich Man Poor

                                                 Rich Man Poor
by Stormm

The wealthiest man rises in his glass tower, high above the ignorant masses.

Looking down at the hopeless fools below, gloating. Drunk on status and oh

so superior. Stares out at the beckoning wild frontiers of space, desperate to

own, programmed for control. His Imperial Majesty, the pinnacle of progress.

The Triumph of meticulous screening by millennia old selective breeding

programs. Culled from the best, trained by the best, even his brightest scientists

have officially proven, that it's all in the genes.

Generations of ruthless exploiters drain a growingly disgruntled public's life

force energy, but savor no benefits, feeling nothing in return. Burnt out and

depleted, numb one reality engineering zombies. Nevertheless, these insects

persist with increasing urgency, to continually manufacture lack and scarcity.

Masked overconfidence hidden behind a deep seated fear: how to maintain

control? sustain the fragile duration of yet another futile empire?

The general population has actually stopped consuming, as rabid, extremely

targeted marketing focus group approved ads desperately compete, shrieking:

"Even More New And Improved".

But where's the joy? as a dead society exercises zero creative impulse.

Something crucial and essential had long gone missing.

What's been lost, and why is he alone? Why so all alone....

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  1. The problem with the world is it's mostly filled up with rich and poor people, not enough wealthy people.

  2. The problem is the myth of the haves and the havenots. People have lost their creativity, while The Elite in their mad dash for control are running out of options, and can only imagine a suicidal Final Solution. The miracle is, despite all efforts to the contrary, humanity still manages to survive.