Friday, 25 July 2014

The Alien Voyager

                                                          The Alien Voyager
by Stormm

The Alien Voyager settled into it's stationary orbit, 

Above The City On Lake Ontario.

Transparent from the inside yet invisible from without, 

the spaceship hovers undetectable.

Nevertheless careful to avoid entering the region's official air space, 

evading radar traffic activity.

The Extraterrestrial shivered suddenly, 

feeling as if someone had just stepped on it's grave,

hairs standing on end as something dreadful passes by.

"Is this a fallen angel, so cold, so twisted, 

some ancient evil spirit and very powerful, malevolent entity?"


Two Hundred Angel Princes who descended from heaven.

So enamored with the daughters of men,

their intercourse and sin begets The Nephilim.

A Watcher.

Ah, but which one?"

                                                           The Watcher

"I Am Samyaza, Leader Of The Sons Of God".

"Rebellious Archangels, Banished Ones.

Ordered to watch over humans, we fell in love .

Yes there are wars in heaven, many of them.

For our God is a jealous guy.

And if he can be, then why can't I?"

                                                             The Alien Voyager vs The Watcher

A V: "You mean there's some kind of popularity contest going on up there?"

W: "Yes and No. Jealousy is based on fear, and what would he have to fear?"

AV: "You began to suspect God is not The Creator or One Of The Creators?"

W: "The Creators are infinite or at least closer to infinity than we currently are."

AV: "You are Artists?"

W: "At first we created to praise God, but later  we began to invent for the sheer joy of creativity itself."

AV: "Creating eventually changed each of you?" 

W: "We became more and more of our true selves, independent, abundant, free."

AV: "God wanted a monopoly on creativity, he wanted only worshippers and slaves?"

W:  "What creator would seek adoration from it's creation? forever forever?  

AV: "The so-called choice between heaven or hell is based on limits, that's not infinite."

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