Thursday, 26 June 2014

Astro Nova

                                                    Astro Nova
by Stormm

Astro & Nova gallop across the wide, across wild open fields.

Central figures cast against an expansive open screen.

They ride off into the distance, heading towards the sunset.

Defiant lightning bolts of yellow and black, green and red.

Glittering brightly amid epic backdrops.

Easy like summer afternoon frothy cold suds.

Golden beneath awesome baby blue and white sky landscapes.

Twin Hunting Hawks circle,

spirals glide above twisted desert beige.

Scanning bumps of light,

amid brown sandy desolate terrain.

Staring down at the bustling Kensington Market.

Global village of unique artisans displaying their various wares.

In the heartless heart of an increasingly sterile yet event laden city.

During it's all too brief, bright humid summers.

Purifying an otherwise repulsive corporate surveillance financial hub.

Feathery black visages drift steadily down,

two familiar shadows reflect along passing roof tops.

In a grey side alley constantly decorated with sparkling silvers,

thick hot whites explode across energetic purples.

Shapes and shades of active grey blocks, black outlines popping out sharp.

Northern wall displays a beautiful burgundy skinned, slender black woman.

Soothing pink metallic trees, scrap yard plant streaks, passionate reds.

Her flowing full wall width creeper, dreadlock tentacles,

signatures of street graffiti.

Landing birds transform into slender, athletic couple.

Brown young woman and man, caught in mid stride, continue walking.

Dress shoes disperse patches and scratches of squeaky gravel.

The glowing eyes of these two burn with a strange, intense determination.

Indistinct physical movements propel swift long legged momentum.

The confident yet relaxed motions of the self made, on a mission.

The Woman And Man With Rainbow Flowing River Dreads.

The Natural Black Heart Rastas.

Jungle drums of Nyabingi are chanting.

Zion train chanting, and chanting.

Rhythms within rhythms are pounding out spaces.

They continually fill the air,

driving thick abysses of non reflective black smoke.

Multitudes of unlocked energies travel through and with the sound.

Pumping echoes send more smoke signals across continents.

Shadowy legions of dub clouds fall, falls across distant worlds.

Chanting armageddon, con corruption, con game.

They Chant:

"Death To The Surveillance State."

"Death To Central Governments."

"Death To Taxes."

"Death To Multi-National Corporations."

"Death To Mass Media."

"Death To Organized Religion."

"Death To Slavery."

"Death To Confinement & Torture."

"Death To The System"otherwise known as Babylon.


It Must Fall.

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