Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Raven

                                                                 The Raven 
by Stormm

The Raven surveys it's thriving domain and lifted it's wings.

 Pleased with the changing order of things amid the constant buzzing of inspired activity.

The Black Bird leapt off the bouncing brown branch on which it casually perched, 

leaving in her balanced wake,

live green temporary pressures of diminishing shock wave vibration echoes. 

Then, she flew away.

After traveling a considerable interplanetary distance, 

thin mid air borne ruffled feathery wings, suddenly transform into smooth female arms. 

Ugly razor sharp talons become graceful slender hands and feet,

as her fierce beak forms a sensuous mouth,

Sleek and taut black aerodynamic feathers,

mutate into brown skin and curly long black hair.

The Joo joo Woman has returned.

Having crossed over, back from other worldly realms,

she returns with new information about life, herself, and others.

What she had vaguely suspected, half imagined, has finally been confirmed.

We exist in several dimensions simultaneously.

This physical reality was only one of endless.

The universe was really a multiverse.

We're all, each, separate creators of space and time.

Her entire being glows in new color sequence pulses, 

 like a rainbow bridge shifting to more dynamic energy fields.

She could feel her body's energy vibrations increase,

coupled with the awareness of cosmic tension in her navel.

Floating down to land amid the sound of rmighty rushing winds. 

As casual observers wipe the dust from their eyes,

and wink several times in disbelief.

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