Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Temperance Key XIV

                                               Temperance Key XIV
by Stormm

The Fire Archer ever active flies swiftly,

his fierce lower half a passionate, impulsive red horse.

The Brave Explorer covers new ground,

travels farther in search of fresh adventures.

The Innovative Trail Blazer leaves behind a trail of fire,

burnt bridges, violent encounters.

The Destroyer is not shy of change,

in fact, he thrives in it.

He is not afraid to raze the established yet obsolete buildings of the past,

right down to their very foundations.

The Upsetter of apple carts,

exposes the double standard of nasty private consensus hiding behind public nice.

With chaos for fuel,

he relentlessly fans the flames of conflict, confrontation and resolution.

Openly mocks the collective ant colony mentality of a senile,

impotent, steadily decaying society.

Sagittarius: attribute of Wrath.

Daughter Of The Reconcilers, The Bringer Forth Of Life.

Combination Of Forces, Realization, Action (Material), (for Good / Evil)

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