Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Teleporter

                                          The Teleporter
by Stormm
(c) March 12 2014

The Teleporter lying prone on a king size waterbed,

calmly closes both eye lids.

Focuses on The Third Eye chakra at the center of his forehead,

visualizing a brightly burning flame.

Mr Leisure's aware, that whatever, whenever, or wherever he fully concentrates,

wether it be friend or foe, physical or astral plane, he will instantly travel there.

Become elsewhere, right now materializes, somewhere.


There's a sensory explosion as his entire body vanishes,

into and through thin air.

The tall evergolden trees were stretching and yawning,

at the dawn of a brand new day.

Grounded in purple soil, rooting deeper and connecting,

while above limbs extend towards the distant stars.

Yellow skies wink their smiling faces in approval at the visitor.

Greetings of silver-gold twinkles bubble then ripple across the ceiling,

where juicy eruptions eject turquoise-pink waves of flashing skylight.

Casually observant while turning three hundred and sixty degrees,

insert right index finger to mouth,

quick tongue moistens the tip,

he lifts his arm high making the number one,

a sign of victory.

Lightning bolts immediately strike him, successively six times.

Harmless, but somehow not as expected.

There's something in the air tonight,

something odd.

Like an outside force trying to break in?

Warnings flash from the edge of consciousness,

a distant brief tingle of senses.

Like the violent tearing away of flesh,

just before a sudden rip in the fabric of space and time.

Thus began The Siren Silent Downpour,

thickest at the core of the magic circle energy field,

that surrounds him.

He inhales and exhales the fog armor deeply,

soaking it all up,

like a sponge absorbing energy.

While he stands there refreshed,

bathing in glittering green violet pools.

This was Planet Clear afterall,

a unique place of refuge,

a home away from home...

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