Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The Case Of The Missing Mermaid (Part 2)

               The Case Of The Missing Mermaid (Part 2)
by Stormm
(c) December 25 2012

"Nun would be a dead fish to let this rare catch slip away..."

Being somewhat well versed in mystic and metaphysical lore.

My crime,

will be enabling Undines permanent physical access

to this here material plane.

Oh no, no, no.
What could a pearl diver like me end up discovering with these?

To whom it may concern.

"Dear Reader, by the time you get this message it will already be too late."


Scorpio gazes into the suppressed floor to ceiling wall of water directly ahead.

As each focused upon section of the tide glows,

vague shapes and colours began to populate,

previously faint impressions unfolding,

while entire sensory environments solidify...

In The Mystic Magic Ocean,

events continue to unravel, manifest 3D panoramic movies,

complete with full bodily sensations.


he'll be able to direct the space time continuum in any direction.

But for now it randomly boils and bubbles,

at often times distant intergalactic locations just pop right up,

spontaneously unwinding.

He can see her assuming another form now,

presently undetected within the new identity.

But gradually her old world Ifa ways will resurface,

the stolen personality masks slipping off in plasmic dissolvement.

Others will soon start to notice more progressively strangeling antics.

Until she eddies out of control, enacting weird passions,

lapses into savage mannerisms, stimulate odd unearthly obsessions...


Inside the liquid magic mirror, a scene unfolds:

Huge wolverine like creatures scamper off into darkness,

while full moons illuminates suburban night skies.

From the shadows a neon green slimy gum pink blob emerges,

adopts several humanoid physiques, before merging back with shadow...

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Venus Tantra's Profile

                            Venus Tantra's Profile
by Stormm
(c) December 19 2012


Fish Speakers phase moody like the moon,

even more so,

being purely emotional astral water entities,

they'll feel incomplete while separated from the sea.

Prone to bizarre inhuman behaviour, clingy and possessive.

Sensual, with those irresistible "all the better to drown you in" big emphatic eyes.

Imaginative, coy, idle, dreamy and subtle.
Did I mention the ability to heal and regenerate.

Psychic space time projectors blur all sequential order,

confounding even the illogic of one trained to smell patterns

where novices cautiously sip chaos.

This was so not going to be your average

Magus Falls In Love With Gorgeous Undine scenario,

where naive parties forge pacts to live together for a specified period,

or until The Heretic's eventual tragic demise.

"Who knows what forgotten occult talents would manifest?

which buried treasures will resurface from the souls' depths?"

2 female members of 2 Secret Societies had been nominated,

2 surrendered their flesh 2 astral beings, 2 Carousels.

10 to 1 odds,

there are scattered acolytes unwittingly trapped in various astral zones,

currently doing the terrible bidding of some low level scum demons.

One can only imagine the myriad illusions each was lured by:

"some for fortune, others for fame, knowledge, power and all that bebop..."

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Case Of The Missing Mermaid

                    The Case Of The Missing Mermaid
by Stormm
(c) December 16 2012

"This tale begins where most tales end..."

She says while we sit side by side on my heart shaped sofa.

In a nicely filled out casual loose silver pants with cute curves,

the long and smooth, tanned legs augmented by painted burgundy nails.

Her bare feet were dangling below my portable glass coffee table,

which is supporting two cups of lemon ginger tea, while we share a joint.

"My sister and I happily co-existed with most other life forms for centuries..."

"Until that fateful moonlit night we were captured in the south pole

by Nazi submarines, right after your so-called second world war."

"Subjected to cruel experiments and obscene rituals,

kept detained and tortured for possible magical secrets and ocean treasures.

Although severely weakened we managed to, among other things,

summon your etheric body through time and space,

teaching you our language."

"Do you recall teenage dreams about a beautiful mermaid?

Held in hundred square feet transparent tanks of sea water?

Being examined and analyzed by evil scientists?

How she communicated with you telepathically?"

"Remember she taught you to place each palm over corresponding eye,

fingers close together pointing up, when you wish to speak her language."

"No", I quickly replied, maintaining my most impenetrable poker face,

sculpted by years of ancient prana-bindu discipline.

But as she speaks I immediately access the corresponding memories.

If this is deja vu, then it's all coming back to me now.

Uncannily I'm still back there, vividly reliving each memorable scene.

Captivated by riveting sensations colorfully fleshed out,

to touch soul stirring exact replicas of occult past lives,

somehow she can tap and describe these things.

Is she also a Dream Catcher, can she possibly enter dreams?

"Tell me, do you also remember a Frankenstein monster being there,

how he too was madly in love with Erzulie?"

I must admit I had often dreamt these beings,

and always thought it held some deep significance.

In the original dream I was concerned for the fate of the gorgeous mermaid.

I'm walking right, through a classroom science lab after school with Levi,

when I accidentally stumble upon a much larger secret facility,

the room stores a rectangular tank which occupies half it's eastern corner.

I desire more than anything else, to assist in her escape.

To rest knowing she's safely away from sadistic and desensitized,

white coat, rabid lab rat mad doctors.

"Don't be a sucker, her tale's just brilliantly improvised."

"Another siren spell,

spontaneously designed to make mountain climbers dizzy at low altitudes."

My head is reeling,

did I finally go over the edge grasping for one too many rocky precipices,

gambled and lost, balancing on a thin tightrope stretched above an abyss?

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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

3rd Eye Psychic

                                3rd Eye Psychic
by Stormm
(c) December 11 2012


My friends call me Ace, something they seldom reveal ungrudgingly,

and this only after sufficient natural or chemical stimulation has been provided.

Then you're likely to get an earful, and not all of it will go down smooth.

Because as you'll soon realize, I'm the ace of spades among private dicks.

In case you've been wondering, ACE stands for ALL C-ING EYE.

For starters, officially I operate out of The Gates Of Light Building,

suite number 1313.

The swirling hologram flows, along dimly illuminated neon-violet walls,

a flying metallic gold orb patrols, winding narrow red carpet corridors...
A warning or welcome alert,

to anyone approaching my upscale 50th Avenue translucent glass office door.

It reads:

                                    Inspector Scorpio Death

                                    3rd Eye Psychic

                                    Agent 4 Hire

Aside from your average Enochian Sex Magic clientele,

my less obscure customer recommendations include:

Geomancy, Angelic and Demonic Spirit Lovers,

Necromancy and of course, Alchemy.

The phones usually begin to buzz around midnight,

by 3:15 am they're levitating, alongside floor to ceiling clear glass windows.

Very Much Alive, like all the other musical chairs playing furniture,

utensils and appliances undertaking brave majestic paths of activity,

within this spacious modern setting.

Tonight's first client The Magnetic Venus Tantra,

oozes seductive pleasure throughout an increasingly pressurized atmosphere.

From the moment she arrives with those huge brown but very sad,

make up stained, damsel in distress teary eyes, I knew I was in trouble.

She stood there in the doorway, as if from a distant dream.

Is She The One The Only One? obviously not the first but by far,

the most beautiful even if too skinny apparition to grace these locales.

It happens instantly, while we make eye contact comes that aching burden...

This one carries the weight of the whole world,

or rather ten thousand astral realms, on slim bare shoulders.

I'm still gesturing to offer the sofa on my left against the west wall,

when instead, she rushes into my arms and begins doing the one thing

I truly dread, sobbing uncontrollably.

Her twin sister Erzulie had been reported missing, gone three or four nights.

Venus says Erzulie seemed absolutely terrified of something,

during their last, their last consciously known conversation.

Moments later, Venus is crying again, even more hysterically now.

But this time I slap the silly cow hard, on a pretty right cheek, telepathically.

"Calm down, now take a deep breath, and conjure your story."

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Thursday, 6 December 2012

VI The Lovers

                             VI The Lovers
by Stormm

Eve is standing before The Apple Tree Of Good And Evil,

along which a green serpent coils, it's head among red fruit,

slender tongue protruding as it wisely regards her face.

Adam stands before Tree Of Life With The Flaming Leaves,

Adam Mesmerized By Eve.

She looks up to Raphael, Healer Of God / God Is My Healer.

The Purple Robed Arch Angel Of Air materializes from grey billowing clouds.
Powerful Crimson Wings Extended.

Orange and green hair, bright yellow face channeling the sun.

Glancing Down Upon Children Of The Voice Divine.

Hands raised, offer summer's blessing to The Oracles Of The Mighty Gods.

Inspiration, passive instinct, something from nothing, clever creative muse.
The Double Agent, 007.

Secret Weapon Active Gemini.

The dynamic duo, analytical, sly and dual-faced.

Burning Above Flying Angel, the scorching noon day sun hangs full.

Intense in the distance, centered between twin mediums,

a jagged, rust colored, formerly barren mountain peak climaxes...

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Final Solution

                                   The Final Solution
by Stormm

The very last man left standing is totally insane.

Burning with hatred for all life, he gloats.

As an entire world violently explodes.

Space vultures sniff charred remains,

battle amongst themselves for scraps of former humanity.

Where once majestic cultures rose from vast regions teeming with life,

their only remnants now are heaps of scattered debris.

Nothing shall be the ultimate state of being, Void Theme From The Black Hole.

Envy Filled Gaseous Glee Seeks Thrills, amid fractured mists of total destruction.

Trapped Asteroid Junction Of Cosmic Death.

Violet acidic smoke rises from dark ashes,

melting bodies that momentarily appear solid, then silently crumble.

Life falls apart in aftershocks, to the slightest sonic shifts.

Synchronized movements resonate whole planets.

But post triumphant desolation, after the ultimate final solution,

unresolved, dull grey impotent obsession remains.

One broken by tragic certainty, discovers he will never know peace.

Unable to mute the noises of life, or eradicate the gridlocks of cosmic traffic.

In the throes of madness he bitterly grins obscene.

The over organized chaos king, futile pawn of desperate destruction,

reels at the semblance of perfect calm.

He scrambles from dead body to bits of former bodies,

stomping things, pissing on, screams at, mocks and jeers.

Challenging all: "Now look at you, who's laughing now?

I own everything, it's all mine by divine right.

'Tis my ultimate destiny to toy with you."

"I could rebuild it all in my image.

For I am your king."

"The supreme supreme, ruler of all."

A stiff elite zombie, forever f*cking bored...

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