Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Venus Tantra's Profile

                            Venus Tantra's Profile
by Stormm
(c) December 19 2012


Fish Speakers phase moody like the moon,

even more so,

being purely emotional astral water entities,

they'll feel incomplete while separated from the sea.

Prone to bizarre inhuman behaviour, clingy and possessive.

Sensual, with those irresistible "all the better to drown you in" big emphatic eyes.

Imaginative, coy, idle, dreamy and subtle.
Did I mention the ability to heal and regenerate.

Psychic space time projectors blur all sequential order,

confounding even the illogic of one trained to smell patterns

where novices cautiously sip chaos.

This was so not going to be your average

Magus Falls In Love With Gorgeous Undine scenario,

where naive parties forge pacts to live together for a specified period,

or until The Heretic's eventual tragic demise.

"Who knows what forgotten occult talents would manifest?

which buried treasures will resurface from the souls' depths?"

2 female members of 2 Secret Societies had been nominated,

2 surrendered their flesh 2 astral beings, 2 Carousels.

10 to 1 odds,

there are scattered acolytes unwittingly trapped in various astral zones,

currently doing the terrible bidding of some low level scum demons.

One can only imagine the myriad illusions each was lured by:

"some for fortune, others for fame, knowledge, power and all that bebop..."

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