Thursday, 6 December 2012

VI The Lovers

                             VI The Lovers
by Stormm

Eve is standing before The Apple Tree Of Good And Evil,

along which a green serpent coils, it's head among red fruit,

slender tongue protruding as it wisely regards her face.

Adam stands before Tree Of Life With The Flaming Leaves,

Adam Mesmerized By Eve.

She looks up to Raphael, Healer Of God / God Is My Healer.

The Purple Robed Arch Angel Of Air materializes from grey billowing clouds.
Powerful Crimson Wings Extended.

Orange and green hair, bright yellow face channeling the sun.

Glancing Down Upon Children Of The Voice Divine.

Hands raised, offer summer's blessing to The Oracles Of The Mighty Gods.

Inspiration, passive instinct, something from nothing, clever creative muse.
The Double Agent, 007.

Secret Weapon Active Gemini.

The dynamic duo, analytical, sly and dual-faced.

Burning Above Flying Angel, the scorching noon day sun hangs full.

Intense in the distance, centered between twin mediums,

a jagged, rust colored, formerly barren mountain peak climaxes...

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