Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Final Solution

                                   The Final Solution
by Stormm

The very last man left standing is totally insane.

Burning with hatred for all life, he gloats.

As an entire world violently explodes.

Space vultures sniff charred remains,

battle amongst themselves for scraps of former humanity.

Where once majestic cultures rose from vast regions teeming with life,

their only remnants now are heaps of scattered debris.

Nothing shall be the ultimate state of being, Void Theme From The Black Hole.

Envy Filled Gaseous Glee Seeks Thrills, amid fractured mists of total destruction.

Trapped Asteroid Junction Of Cosmic Death.

Violet acidic smoke rises from dark ashes,

melting bodies that momentarily appear solid, then silently crumble.

Life falls apart in aftershocks, to the slightest sonic shifts.

Synchronized movements resonate whole planets.

But post triumphant desolation, after the ultimate final solution,

unresolved, dull grey impotent obsession remains.

One broken by tragic certainty, discovers he will never know peace.

Unable to mute the noises of life, or eradicate the gridlocks of cosmic traffic.

In the throes of madness he bitterly grins obscene.

The over organized chaos king, futile pawn of desperate destruction,

reels at the semblance of perfect calm.

He scrambles from dead body to bits of former bodies,

stomping things, pissing on, screams at, mocks and jeers.

Challenging all: "Now look at you, who's laughing now?

I own everything, it's all mine by divine right.

'Tis my ultimate destiny to toy with you."

"I could rebuild it all in my image.

For I am your king."

"The supreme supreme, ruler of all."

A stiff elite zombie, forever f*cking bored...

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