Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The Case Of The Missing Mermaid (Part 2)

               The Case Of The Missing Mermaid (Part 2)
by Stormm
(c) December 25 2012

"Nun would be a dead fish to let this rare catch slip away..."

Being somewhat well versed in mystic and metaphysical lore.

My crime,

will be enabling Undines permanent physical access

to this here material plane.

Oh no, no, no.
What could a pearl diver like me end up discovering with these?

To whom it may concern.

"Dear Reader, by the time you get this message it will already be too late."


Scorpio gazes into the suppressed floor to ceiling wall of water directly ahead.

As each focused upon section of the tide glows,

vague shapes and colours began to populate,

previously faint impressions unfolding,

while entire sensory environments solidify...

In The Mystic Magic Ocean,

events continue to unravel, manifest 3D panoramic movies,

complete with full bodily sensations.


he'll be able to direct the space time continuum in any direction.

But for now it randomly boils and bubbles,

at often times distant intergalactic locations just pop right up,

spontaneously unwinding.

He can see her assuming another form now,

presently undetected within the new identity.

But gradually her old world Ifa ways will resurface,

the stolen personality masks slipping off in plasmic dissolvement.

Others will soon start to notice more progressively strangeling antics.

Until she eddies out of control, enacting weird passions,

lapses into savage mannerisms, stimulate odd unearthly obsessions...


Inside the liquid magic mirror, a scene unfolds:

Huge wolverine like creatures scamper off into darkness,

while full moons illuminates suburban night skies.

From the shadows a neon green slimy gum pink blob emerges,

adopts several humanoid physiques, before merging back with shadow...

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