Tuesday, 11 December 2012

3rd Eye Psychic

                                3rd Eye Psychic
by Stormm
(c) December 11 2012


My friends call me Ace, something they seldom reveal ungrudgingly,

and this only after sufficient natural or chemical stimulation has been provided.

Then you're likely to get an earful, and not all of it will go down smooth.

Because as you'll soon realize, I'm the ace of spades among private dicks.

In case you've been wondering, ACE stands for ALL C-ING EYE.

For starters, officially I operate out of The Gates Of Light Building,

suite number 1313.

The swirling hologram flows, along dimly illuminated neon-violet walls,

a flying metallic gold orb patrols, winding narrow red carpet corridors...
A warning or welcome alert,

to anyone approaching my upscale 50th Avenue translucent glass office door.

It reads:

                                    Inspector Scorpio Death

                                    3rd Eye Psychic

                                    Agent 4 Hire

Aside from your average Enochian Sex Magic clientele,

my less obscure customer recommendations include:

Geomancy, Angelic and Demonic Spirit Lovers,

Necromancy and of course, Alchemy.

The phones usually begin to buzz around midnight,

by 3:15 am they're levitating, alongside floor to ceiling clear glass windows.

Very Much Alive, like all the other musical chairs playing furniture,

utensils and appliances undertaking brave majestic paths of activity,

within this spacious modern setting.

Tonight's first client The Magnetic Venus Tantra,

oozes seductive pleasure throughout an increasingly pressurized atmosphere.

From the moment she arrives with those huge brown but very sad,

make up stained, damsel in distress teary eyes, I knew I was in trouble.

She stood there in the doorway, as if from a distant dream.

Is She The One The Only One? obviously not the first but by far,

the most beautiful even if too skinny apparition to grace these locales.

It happens instantly, while we make eye contact comes that aching burden...

This one carries the weight of the whole world,

or rather ten thousand astral realms, on slim bare shoulders.

I'm still gesturing to offer the sofa on my left against the west wall,

when instead, she rushes into my arms and begins doing the one thing

I truly dread, sobbing uncontrollably.

Her twin sister Erzulie had been reported missing, gone three or four nights.

Venus says Erzulie seemed absolutely terrified of something,

during their last, their last consciously known conversation.

Moments later, Venus is crying again, even more hysterically now.

But this time I slap the silly cow hard, on a pretty right cheek, telepathically.

"Calm down, now take a deep breath, and conjure your story."

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