Tuesday, 20 November 2012

V The Hierophant

                             V The Hierophant
by Stormm

TAURUS Between Twin Pillars.

Teaching Divine Wisdom Desires Manifestation.

Magus Of The Eternal Gods.

6 Knows The Reason Of Past Present & Future.

Sits Crowned On His Throne At The End Of The Path.

Guardian Of The Way Of Initiation, Magi In The Hall Of Mirrors.

The Confrontational Truth, Righteous Bull On Snowy Mountains.

The Sentinel Protects The Paths Of Knowledge And Wisdom.

The Sphinx utters the universal riddle, conceals the magic password.

"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here..."
A Deep Voice Echoes Booming.

Collapsing Walls Of Temple Rocks Crumble As Heads Rumble.

Bury the hypocrites in avalanches of forbidden knowledge.

Cast out all false merchants, expose second hand discounters.

The Dispeller Of Illusion Reveals Barren Casino Deserts.

Uproots, overturns and smashes gambling tables.

The Mad Hatter Introduces Himself To Weary Travelers.

At the end of distant winding trails.

High Priest Rents The Obsolete Veil...

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