Friday, 30 November 2012

S & M

                                      S & M
by Stormm

There's a wealthy man in diapers, helplessly tied up in a dungeon.

Craving the attention, paying for humiliation, desperately begging to be shamed.

The plastic surgeon momentarily relinquishes corrupt and abusive power,

anonymous in shiny leather mask, tight gag muffling impotent sounds.

Oh sweet surrender.

Out of control, completely free from all his responsibilities,

back in the surrogate womb.

Only this time, mommy gives her full attention.
He's almost alive there in the dark, within brief flashes of red pain,

where almost ecstasy registers faintly, like sharp bright lightning in the distance.

Did he nearly feel something this time?

The body involuntarily cries out with deeper grunts and more violent moans,

but the thrill is gone, it's been long since gone...

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