Sunday, 11 November 2012

New World's First Day

                           New World's First Day
by Stormm

Since before voids of eternal night, I have been at it.

Painting final adjustments, precisely chiseling out this fresh planet.

Split decision fauna of world wide flora ocean improvements,

improvising atmospheric condition experiments.

Now, my fantastic work is complete, behold this total creation.

"When it's finally over, is when we've only just begun..."

Triumphant atop my favourite new cloud, white phoenix feather in hand,

I begin conducting.

As the bubbling first sun solidifies explosive, plasma sting-rays cross horizons.

I am the Head In The Clouds Basking In My Glory,

He Who Smiles Upon Majestic New Days.
The space swelling overtures of rhapsodic transcendental music,

introduces new life forms, projects hybrid life blossoms, stimulate becomings.

Brings it all to thrilling life in symphonic, juicy, passionate climaxes.

Gradually the new horizon dawns.

The first, abuzz with chaotic sound clash, fertile orchestration from on high.

I Afloat Sky Furniture Conducts,

waves a feather directing each new random activity.

Experience the increasing actions of rustling, stirring, self-transforming entities.

Sweeping Fanfares Announce Awesome Rising Sun's first full increase.

I evaporate soft liquid damp, while sizzling fumes melt shimmering dew.

The first soil, early birds, oceans, bugs, dolphins, insects, rain forests, crickets,

turtles, plankton, reptiles rise and shine, monkeys dance, deserts sing,

wild cats and elephants rejoice.

Across the planetary surface, more distant opposite sides are heating up.

Unseen forms emerge, energy engines pump, pump away.

The gradual strains of a million marching bands grew louder,

as first day approaches...

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