Saturday, 24 November 2012

Multi-limbed Beings

                            Multi-limbed Beings
by Stormm

In a distant galaxy where multi-limbed beings reign supreme,

I stop over to rest between routine Solar System explorations.

Deploy an hologram after receiving telepathic link-up from

August Salamander Chiefs.

Discussing their desire to ensure further secrecy of their

home planet's orbital location and sun's exact parallel ghost star.

I immediately agree while surveying the galaxy from a majestic moon,

conscious why it's even worth consideration.

Pyramidian customs are the result of millennia trial and error experiments,

geared towards abundant communities.

They have always achieved the best results by sustaining small,

self-sufficent, independent local republics,

with limited and accountable governments.
Banning the flawed concept of a central governing body,

before it's erosive system eventually collapses all industry and innovation.

Even worse, if left unchecked insane elites inevitably hatch plots to suicidally

trigger the extinction of all species.

Here the bare necessities of survival are free to all regardless of origin,

past, or circumstance.

Each citizen receives free energy packs to power their homes,

vehicles and appliances.

Obviously having many decentralized power centers and sources,

guarantee denizens will never seek enslavement or be manipulated

into surrendering their power, freedom of expression or personal beliefs.

There are no limits placed on individual imaginations,

endless conflicting and contradictory technological methods are encouraged,

diversity being the optimum means of breeding further innovations...

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