Monday, 5 November 2012

Man's Best Friend

                               Man's Best Friend
by Stormm

Inside a quiet and still townhouse,

there's a large white dog to the left of book filled library shelves.

He's sitting on the main floor, at the bottom of dark brown stairs.

Home alone now, seemingly he awaits his master's return.

After waiting like this for so many years, almost grown accustomed.

Passing the hours in anticipation he projects his consciousness

across space and time, outside, moving between fields,

along favorite trees and running paths.

Momentarily dips in on the fragile man servant,

while it's toiling hard, providing the necessities of survival.
Travels on, even further afield,

all the way back home to it's own distant world,

very, very far away.

A temporary physical shell has been left behind.

The alien vessel of an immaterial soul, this friendly bundle of

breathing fur, lies panting.

Among clean white tiles, cool light brown wooden floors.

Arriving upon it's host planet, the extraterrestrial smiles.

Woof woof.

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