Monday, 19 November 2012

Crimson Serpent

                                 Crimson Serpent
by Stormm

I stand hiding, behind the white marble columns of an ancient structure.

Directly before me, winding out further along boiling hot sand,

my family's monstrous pet serpent crawls.

It's elongated red body veers to the right, steadily in pursuit of fresh food.

I sneak off to the left,

running around back to the farthest end of this mausoleum.

From my new somewhat safer vantage point,

I notice Jing-Wei and immediately yell at her to get away.

She's out alone in silver grey occasional flashes of mid-day golden sun,

adrift flat white plains of endless sand.
Jing-Wei continues walking slowly to her right,

oblivious while crimson coils are quickly gaining ground.

She enters the very edge of a gray forest where there are scattered

patches of yellow grass, low dull shrubs, dried up sticks.

The Serpent follows, entering the forest's edge.

It encounters something and momentarily pauses.

Abruptly it's body spasms.


Did it encounter a rabbit or some other small creature?

It must have swallowed her whole.

Startled, I wake up...

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