Monday, 20 August 2012

Gas Mask

                             Gas Mask
by Stormm

Mano has a gas mask on.

Before him his grinder, lid on it's back off over to the left.

Full of green finely ground buds,

jammed between it's sharp silver-spiked circular reflective body,

lying atop flat light-brown wooden beams.

My Latino Bro picks up his bong from the table.

Legs slowly uncrossing he leans forward,

arching back away from walls of graffiti.

Attaches the bong to gas mask,

packing more weed fully into the bowl, then lights up.

He inhales this for a while, leans forward resting his head on the table.

Three minutes later he takes off the black mask and coughs,

but only during the third cycle of this ritual.

It's apparent Bro's deeply impacting memorable impressions

on most in the vicinity.

But some reactions, are more subtle than others.

Personally, I say let him do his thing until HE gets sick of it...

"He has to carry this whole kit around with him everywhere all day,"

cracks Gino, laughing at Latino who's indifferent ears are clearly not

shielded by the gas mask's straps.
Italian Guy says, "he's not getting any oxygen with that," "a buddy a

mine took a hit off a regular bong and just fell over, collapsing on his

face, and that's without the gas mask."

After Michael repeats the unconscious friend bong story,

for the second time minutes later, I start asking questions until he let's slip:

"The weed was f*cked up; it was kind of iffy, etc..."

Mano holds it down,

keeping all that smoke in while resting average,

neck length brunette hair and forehead against palm,

as his athletic right elbow supports our table.

Bro looks around smiling,

sees me rolling my skinny first joint of the day at 7:30 pm on a friday evening.

"Let's pitch in on a bigger spliff," he suggests?

"I have some Purple Kush."

Unfortunately I was pondering what next to write about,

mentally recapping my latest creative accomplishments,

plotting the next moves.

Having to honestly reply,

"no, I'm gonna chill and smoke this alone,

just meditate on situation and things..."

Michael's appalled.

I'm willing to bet he'll be talking about the boy with a gas mask bong,

for quite some time...

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