Saturday, 14 July 2012

Watcher Of The Skies

                                   Watcher Of The Skies
by Stormm

The Watcher Of The Skies glares down upon the sizzling naked city.

Mute, dispassionate, wearing a cold blank expression.


Unable to detect or record The Artists Of Veiled Thoughts,

nor Adepts Of No-Mind.

Like a blind vampire bat on silent, empty afternoons.

Sadly Insane, while habitually deploying it's precise sweeping vision.

The perfectly logical recording cyborg spy, a patented scientific breakthrough.

Automaton. Assassin. Abomination.

Failed result of twisted science,

formerly mankind's most promising niche of genetic research,

predictably gone sour.

It alone observes me, but knows not exactly why I'm watching.

Suddenly it momentarily disappears, to reappear right beside me,

much too close for comfort...

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