Thursday, 12 July 2012

IV The Emperor

                           IV The Emperor
by Stormm

The Ram Enthroned On The Mountain Top.

Upon mountaintops miles ahead,

the well-established Emperor surveys his entire domain.

The Good Father, provides for his family behind a stern appearance.

Offensive Mountain Ram Miles Ahead.

He clenches the gift of life in right fist, astride his grey rams' head throne,

wrapped in red robes.

Silver arms and legs reveal a shield of full plate armor.

Red Blood Of Life.

The Crowned Conqueror Ho Nike, The Stormm King,

he the ruddy faced "Son Of The Morning, Chief Among The Mighty."

The Warrior Seer beholds five windows simultaneously.

Powerfully exerts his influence in the form of active creative energies

directed upon five elements, throughout 25 dimensions,

five by five tattva conduits transmit electric alternating currents, lo, concurrently.

The gold crown on his head upholds at it's summit the symbol of Aries.

In his right hand the Golden Ankh of Life scepter,

his left displays Golden Sun Of The Burning Orb.

The Ram On Fire Mountain Butting Heads, challenges the status quo,

rushes out to encounter opportunities and confront obstacles head on.

Charges in full stride, passionate, unrestrained, aggressive.

He's the active male principle, The Healthy Ego, Hero The Action Man.

Orange mountains on my left, yellow mountains on my right,

steep slippery trails from whence weak hearts plummet into the abyss beneath,

falling away behind my throne, rooted solid with deep foundations.

The Mighty Solar Warrior directs from on high,

comfortable atop world globes.

The Lone Eagle On Barren Mountains,

confidently observes all from my dizzying heights of power and leadership.

The Protector maintains his position of strength,

fertile dynamic controller of rich and abundant lands.

My long beard represents experience, displaying life's hard-earned lessons,

offers guidance and wisdom to others.

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