Sunday, 15 July 2012

Cloud Cowboy

                               Cloud Cowboy
by Stormm

Lounging on clouds afloat the sea of breeze,

orchestrating life forms so serene each eye sheds a joyful tear.

Composer with golden feather in hand, incites fresh thriving abundance.

I'll whistle fantastic tunes, admiring how my organisms follow suit.

Ohhh the leisure life,

observing and marveling as each newly formed world turns,

rotating it's first few of countless many cycles.

I create and direct boundless wind currents and tides,

commanding the trees and plants to grow.

Peering upon their quickly forming climates.

Whistle a tune until the birds follow suit,

eternally surprised by how they'll continue to improvise vibrant,

colorful melodic variations, riff off my initial phrases.

Within these clouds sometimes it gets foggy and may take a brief

moment's adjustment for strangers, but not I.

One projectile breath blast upon these cloud bubbles,

is sufficient to easily and playfully pry them aside.

Serene thoughts flow unaware of traveling enormous orange, 

violet, neon grape skies, peering upon quick forming climates.

Is that a Golden Star-Ship coming my way? Woosh. How rude!

Didn't even stop for a drink or chat, no stray signal honk? Hello!

A diamond shaped silver craft zips by as I leap off my cloud,

flying in hot invisible pursuit.

Why be in such a hurry? let's go see.

Perhaps another futile scientific experiment by those tragic

yet so often amusing, shallow Shadow Lords Of Time?

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