Saturday, 28 April 2012

Universe In My Back Pocket

                                     Universe In My Back Pocket
by Stormm

What's this he mused, reaching into his back pocket to withdraw a shiny tiny

Ra was missing Isis for quite some time, what was it she had said before
disappearing? Something about a vacation, a voyage of forgetfulness.

That's it! She too had desired to experience limitation.

I hold a toy in my hand, gazing at the marble while twirling it between thumb
and index finger. To shake this glass globe and wonder which lifeforms within
it's countless solar systems, galaxies, planets, will observe any unusual activity?

Sometimes Gods would grow weary of creating, stopping for a well deserved
sabbatical. There are infinite options to choose from, thus eventually, seeds
were sown.

Naturally, the creative urge endlessly aims to compose the most fantastical
works of art ever imaginable.

Often out of admiration and pure curiosity, Gods may temporarily occupy
their own or even another's creation. The absolute nothingness of The Void
held it's own special charm, but harsh realities of self-imposed limitations, that,
was definitely different. Who could resist such temptation?

"What if we get stuck," whispered the over cautious Saturn. "Let's ask Ra to
keep an eye on us, so to speak," sang Isis. Eavesdropping, Thoth promises to
pay them a visit occasionally, just in case something should go awry.

Being artists, each God painted their own ideal imaginary concept of what a

limited reality should be. Upon completing these masterpieces, they would then
enter it's dimensions. Some alone, others in pairs or trios, a few even in larger
groups. All according to desire...

Charged with awakening the others, a musing Thoth concluded what everyone
really needed was a challenge. Into various common objects their signed initial
creations he did transform, scattering them randomly. Ever the trickster, Isis'
marble universe was slipped inside Ra's back pocket for safe keeping. "That
ought to make things more interesting." Tear filled eyes, bellies aching from
sidesplitting laugher so hard, he flies into The Void.

Ra was busy peaking, energised creating new realities, forgetting about his
fellow peers. Every millenium or so he would ponder briefly, what grand
adventures they must all be experiencing.

Over time after many many reincarnations, the former Gods gradually lost their
divinity, accepted restrictions. Often looking up at distant stars in awe, dreaming
of, eventually worshipping, almighty beings who alone can do the impossible.

Completely trapped now, ignorant of their own immense creative powers...

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