Saturday, 3 March 2012


by Stormm

Underwater we're moving through black and blue, dispersing sea creatures great

and small. Occasionally near edges of our vehicle's light beam, I'll notice brief

flashes of the strange aqua-beings. Many more are making their presence felt

for much longer now, before scurrying off into darkness. And I try not to

remind myself, we're invading their home...

We observe the bubble shaped Bloouph with vague curiosity, but most grave

concern, as the invaders move further through our home. Those same odd

markings, definitely the handiwork of some young brash surface-dwellers.

Repeatedly we've made attempts to communicate with the ignorant primitives,

as ever they remain intent on murdering, maiming and capturing our emissaries.

The few kin having managed to escape and return home, unfortunately bear

no false witness in their disturbing accounts of suicidal customs, defense

mechanisms, and a general lack of respect for other lifeforms...
An awkward globe with invasive obsolete technology recklessly disturbs my

realm, violates my once pure home.

Poisoning an otherwise peaceful, intergalactic coexistence.

Within are those odd mutations, senseless polluters and terrorists, the minority.

Clueless how truly powerless air breathers are against liquid dwellers.

Naive of their lowly place in the overall scheme of things...

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