Saturday, 3 March 2012


by Stormm

Somewhere in a top secret military facility, lies my original physical shell.

Silent. Vacant. Still.

It's being kept under wraps, long forgotten via some discreet off-the-record,

semi-official type accident...

Most likely deep underground, or worse, diligent occult guards ever

vigilant hide it in The Void, a vastly empty endless space.

Besides the where, beyond the why I do not know? But I'm well aware

it's being constantly bombarded with jolts of electricity.

This makes possession excruciatingly painful, the habitat unbearable for

any real time duration.

Certainly not long enough to move, or even attempt an escape.

So far, I've been unable to endure such intense agony...

The original agreement was it would be returned upon completion of

services. Once a certain mysteriously wealthy client's most feared and

powerful rivals all coincidentally died, quietly in their sleep.

Apparently from similar, yet obviously unconnected, heart failures...

The one thing previously only thought of as a useless hinderance,

is now all I ever dream of.


But how to navigate the energy fields surrounding it?

And once back in the flesh, there is still another issue.

Getting out of there alive...

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