Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Moon Walk

                                                Moon Walk
by Stormm

Out for an evening moon walk, 101 El Mike leaps deep into outer space.

Blasting off, thick teal puffs of ignition fading fast,

leave smoky grey emission rings.

Humming some fresh new tunes.

Their raunchy surging tempos swerve, stagger sky high alternative tides.

Create in-tune-off-key polytonal proportions of abstract mythological spaces.

A celestial choir sustains soaring exotic melodies,

resonate harmonic intervals of impossible new emotions.

Amid sunny green leaves swishing against slick broad shoulders,

snaps the raw rhythmic rustle of natural threads clapping.

Thick nappy wind blown dreads whip loud swinging strides,

mid-afternoon tropical rain forests come alive teeming with action.

His pure living testament to individual naked will power.

From afar off, rumblings, lost in the distance...

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