Saturday, 28 January 2012

For Ruth

                                              For Ruth
by Stormm

A mutual friend said my ex-girl Ruth was in the hospital, so I went to visit.

When I asked what happened, she calmly explained going alone inside

St. Michael's and telling them she wasn't sure if she's a girl or boy.

After, she tried to leave but they diagnosed her as schizophrenic and drugged

her. The drugs had side effects, so they gave her more drugs.

Apart from runny eyes and very stiff movements due to medication, she

seemed her regular self, even joking about the whole situation.

Ruth was 6'4 and gorgeous. The typical moody cancer, sensual and very

feminine. We were a pair of exhibitionists who enjoyed shocking squares...

As a mixed child raised by a single mother she was teased a lot, mostly about

her height and feet. I remember a photo she'd shown, her towering above the

other teenage girls while visiting Israel.

Her main art was photography, I loved her self-portraits the most. Often, early

mornings she would go to a nearby hydro field with camera and tripod. Set the

timer, posing occasionally with sheer veil over her face, sometimes topless.

At the time I too was lost in a senseless world, wandering from encounter to

encounter, without direction. Like most of her friends, feeling uncomfortable

and helpless, I hoped for the best and didn't return.

Months later I ran into her in Parkdale while visiting my then girl, another artist.

She spent the night and next day we all went to her latest apartment, some sort

of half-way house. Everyone there was nuts, I felt I would go insane just being

around so many crazy people. It really freaked me out.

Ruth was just another young artist going through a phase, an outsider needing

some love and support. Her only mistake was going to the experts for guidance.

Doctors are supposed to care for the sick. Instead they hooked her on pseudo

meds designed to treat the so called symptoms, but offer no cure.

Now she's dead....

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