Monday, 20 June 2011

Sun Day

                                                  Sun Day
by Stormm

Sunday, Helios, Apollo, Utu or Shamash's Day. Nanahuatl "full of 

sores" (most humble of the gods) calmly leaps into fire to shine for all.

Ra riding a solar barge traverses the sky in the morning, the underworld

in the evening. Khepri (Scarab Beetle) rolls up the morning sun, Khnum

(Ram) is sunset.

The sun sleeps in the Lioness/Cow, you can see it's reflection in her eyes.

Horus (Falcon) the KRST or "anointed one," whose "All Seeing Eye"

bestows protection.

Surya has hair and arms of gold, Shango lives in a castle in the clouds...

representing the Heart Chakra: Anahata "Soundless Sound; Unstricken

Bell." Devotion.

It is blocked by Grief...

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