Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wednesday's Message

                                             Wednesday's Message
by Stormm

It's Wednesday, Mercury (the Magician) or Hermes (the Messenger)'s day. 

Djehuty (scribe of the gods) "he who is like the Ibis," mediates between good

and evil.

A'an the "dog-headed ape" god of equilibrium in Duat (the underworld),

recording when the scales weigh even. Nisaba holds a holy lapis lazuli tablet on

her knees, to consult the heavenly stars for Enki.

Papa Legba stands guardian at the crossroads, negotiating between The Loa and

humanity. Ellegua the trickster child, Eshu the Orisha who "opens the gates"

is sprinkling water on the ground...

representing the Crown Chakra: Sahasrara "Thousand Petaled Lotus;" Union;

Superconsciousness; The Higher Self.

It is blocked by Attachment...

                                                                   Stormm - U B M H B

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