Monday, 30 May 2011

Frigging Friday

                                      Frigging Friday
by Stormm

Friday, Fryja, "the Empress" Aphrodite or Venus. Hathor the 

cow-headed, Inanna "Queen of Heaven;" Nin (lady) An (sky).

Ishtar is fickle and cruel to her lovers, Lilitu "beautiful maiden,"

sacred seductress. Xochiquetzal followed by a retinue of birds and

butterflies, her worshipers wearing flower and animal masks.

Al-'Uzza (Virgin Warrior) crowned, feline, while riding a dolphin nude.

Erzulie dances in front of a magic mirror dressed in jewellery and feathers,

her veve (design) is the Heart. Osun reigns over love, art and sex, holding

comb or fan, she cries a river of tears...

representing the Throat Chakra: Visuddha "Pureness;" Knowledge,

Vocalization of Thought. The 5th element.

It is blocked by Lies... 



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